Improvement Activities
School-wide Initiatives
     *Implementing Common Core State Standard
     *Response to Intervention planning (RTI)
     *Differentiated Instruction
     *Bi-monthly Student Referral Team (STAR) Meetings
     *Weekly Student Resource Committee (SRC) Meetings
     *Weekly Grade Level Team Meetings
     *Grade Level Team Meetings Every six weeks with Principal, Counselor, LAP teacher
     *Monthly Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) Leadership Team Meeting

     *Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) Progress Monitoring     
     *STAR reading (Monthly Progress Monitoring)
     *Journeys Leveled Reading Books/Small Group Instruction
     *Read Natually Progress Monitoring
     *Accelerated Reader (AR)
     *IXL Math
     *Xtra Math
     *Supplemental Curriculum
     *STAR math/MCS (Monthly Progress Monitoring)
     *Interim Assessments (3rd - 6th Grade)

     *Read Well Double Dose
     *Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words (SIPPS)
     *Fry Words
     *Six Minute Solution
     *Journeys Write-In Readers
     *Reading Mastery
     *Science Research Associates (SRA) Phonemic Awareness

Parent, Family, and Community Involvement
Each of our schools strives to engage with the community (PSD School Board Direction – Communication, Engagement and Involvement).  Specific examples/plans of this parent and community engagement can be found by clicking here to see the school’s annual performance report. 

We have an active WATCHDOGS program which brings men in to the building in volunteer capacity.

Use of Technology
In each of our schools, technology is a primary tool to facilitate instruction and these tools have a positive impact on student learning. Technology also allows our school to communicate effectively with parents through a variety of innovative means. We also use various district software applications for student intervention as we continue to develop Response to Intervention (RTI) systems in our school.

We use the following software applications for this work:

  • Schoology sites for teachers
  • Typing Pal keyboarding program—begun in first grade and emphasized in 2nd grade
  • STAR ­Reading and Math Assessments: Diagnostic assessments to provided benchmark indicators on student performance in reading and math.
  • PerformancePLUS: Repository for all state, district, and building assessment data; data available to analyze student performance by school teams.
  • School Messenger: Communication tool to inform parents on important school information and student learning events.